Big show at Silo’s in Napa California for “The Acoustic Nomad” tour on Feb 22nd 2013!!!

ALL MY NAPA FRIENDS OR IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE IN NAPA CALIFORNIA, GET YOUR TICKETS TODAY!!!!! This show is gonna be really awesome and you don’t wanna miss it.

“Silo’s” Napa, California

Feb 22nd 2013 “The Acoustic Nomad” tour makes it’s way to the very awesome “Silo’s” in Napa California!!

$15 advance cover $20 at the door
Show start’s at 8pm!!
All ages show
Head to Silo’s website to pick up tickets today!!!

These three artists have banded together to share their unique progression of acoustic styles on a cross-country tour from Ft. Wayne, Indiana to Napa, California – and back. From Mathis Grey’s dulcet mix of tender vocals, intricate rhythm and beat-box to John Fellman’s fingerstyle, guitar-percussion and instrumental overtones and the virtuosic talent of acoustic soloist, Patrick Woods, every show is sure to be a musical journey and delight to the ears.


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