Mathis Grey’s “Handsome Mysteries” album & bonus track only $2 on BandCamp for limited Time!!

Get my album “Handsome Mysteries” all this week for only $2! 10 songs plus you get a bonus track after you purchase the album, my new single “Starfire”. So 11 songs for only $2…that’s a awesome deal. Click on the link below and grab yours today.

“Handsome Mysteries” is a journey through the mind of singer-songwriter Mathis Grey. Mathis went back to his roots and made a acoustic version of his latest album. With his guitar, a mic, his voice and awesome lyrics, he takes you on a ride of emotions with songs like “Dancer”…”Sunshine”….”Lights” and many more. This is one album that needs to be on your list!!!


Handsome Mysteries 4

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