Mathis Grey has more shows coming up and making of new music video coming soon!!

This Friday May 2nd catch Mathis Grey at the Mocha Lounge in Fort Wayne IN at 7pm!! He also has a few Kansas shows coming up next month as well. Starting May 25th Mathis Grey will start shooting the music video for his latest single “Starfire” and it’s gonna be awesome. Lots of great things coming up so stay tuned in!!


Mathis Grey gets more national TV time with one of his songs and that’s pretty cool!!!

This might be old news but the 3rd quarter BMI Royalty reports have come out from 2013 and Mathis Grey just found out that his song “Daydreams” from his “Two Steps From The Road” album was played on the Soap Opera “One Life To Live” May 2013 and that’s pretty awesome!