My Fairport Harbor Show went awesome next stop Two EE’s Winery!!

My Discover Fairport Harbor Show in Fairport Harbor Ohio went awesome and I wanna thank everyone who came out and had a good time!!


Next stop is August 8th at Two EE’s Winery in Huntington, IN at 6:30pm…see you there!!


“Two Steps From The Road” is almost 3 years old and it’s still doing awesome!!

My album “Two Steps From The Road” is almost at it’s three year anniversary in August and it’s still doing great!! Grab your digital copy today at Bandcamp for only $5!!

So the BMI music numbers came back the other day for the forth quarter from last year and the episode of “One Life To Live” that my song “Daydreams” was on, was watched 579,008 plus times on Hulu and it was played in Canada & Mexico!! That’s pretty awesome, just want to say thanks to everyone for your support…still on that “Mission For Greatness” 2014 style!!

Next show is July 24th 2014 in Fairport Harbor Ohio at 6pm…for more details check out my events on my Facebook page!!