“Two Steps From The Road” turns 3 years old this month and still going strong!!

My “Two Steps From The Road” album turns three years old this month and it’s still doing amazing. Last year my song “Shame” from the album was played on a episode of E!News Daily and my song “Daydreams” was played on a episode of the soap opera “One Life To Live” and that’s awesome!! Grab the cd for only $5 on Bandcamp…click the link below and download it today. Thanks for your support everyone, I really appreciate it!


Mathis Grey’s “Two Steps From The Road” album


Mathis Grey has had a great 2013 hitting charts and even a little national tv time!

It’s been a great year for me so far getting on the iTunes top 100 singer/songwriter-new release chart at #20, playing Fandana 2013 and playing the Rockwood Music Hall. I also recently found out my song “Shame” off my “Two Steps From The Road” album was used on a episode of E! News Daily back in February and that is pretty awesome!! Lot’s of great things to come so keep a eye on me!

-Mathis Grey-



Math pro

The latest music updates for Mathis Grey!!

Well I have some bad news and some good news. The bad news is that my Hard Rock show was cancelled because of communication issues but I’m sure I will play there again. Good news is I found out on BMI back on February 20th they played my song “Shame” on E! News Daily and that is pretty freakin awesome!Still trying to find the episode but I wish I would have knew before, so I could have seen it but I guess that’s the music business lol. Pretty happy guy right now! Tim Bushong looks like people are still enjoying “Two Steps From The Road” and I couldn’t have done it without ya!!